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Just like starting over.

Never give up in your dreams.

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Never give up in what you love doing.

After my return to New York I found it hard to gain a foothold not because of the lack of opportunity, but because of the lack of quality. As a freelance hair extension specialist with a growing list of clients, I found it extremely hard to access affordable quality hair extensions in the New York Area. I did the best with what I had to work with, and the clients were not happy. I knew I had to start over.

I started laying plans in my head to open a hair extensions studio where I could master my unique application styles. Things progressed rapidly. As the client base grew, I had to develop access to quality hair extensions. In the process I started to design my own and make the necessary contacts to have them produced to my specifications and expectations.

My natural teaching ability surfaced as I instructed my staff at my salon, PR Hair Extensions. I found the contacts for the quality hair I needed to not only satisfy my clients and keep them coming back but to make me proud of my work. Like my journey back to Greece as a child, and my daring exit to Italy and Spain and my return to Greece, coming to New York was just like starting over. I started with ambition and accomplished success thanks to my career as a recognized hair extension master.

Over the years I have witnessed people change their lives by learning, practicing and becoming accomplished in hair extension applications.

Never give up in your Dreams.



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