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Pitfalls to Avoid in Becoming a Hair Extension Specialist.

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The first pitfall to avoid on the journey to a new career is substandard quality extensions

This can include hair extensions that are poorly produced and or made from synthetic or low-quality hair. When I was starting over in New York, the inferior quality of hair extensions that were available was discouraging and heart wrenching. Do NOT use mediocre quality

even when practicing, no matter how talented you are you cannot make up for inferior quality extensions through application techniques. The old adage you get what you pay for is true in the quality of hair extensions.

The second pitfall to avoid on the journey to a new career is do not choose teachers who are not hair extension specialists.

I have encountered so many excellent hairstylists who do not know how to properly apply hair extensions. There are hairstylists who advertise and apply hair extensions every day, yet they really are not experienced in the craft. You can’t learn a professional craft from a teacher who is not a professional.



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