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The Best Hair Extension ever in New York.

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The Best Hair Extension ever in New York

The Best Hair Extension ever in New York. Today I will tell you about my Experience in New York with Luxury Pr Extension Suite The hair care for me is everything, but unfortunately there are those born with a real mass of hair and who is not. Tendency if you are blonde and you have Caucasian traits it is almost impossible to have the hair of the Kardashian sisters, even though they also use a make-up … You can treat your hair out of all proportion but unfortunately have not yet invented a cure or rather a product that increases its mass, however, to date there are some escamotage: Le Extensions. Girls true extensions, those done well are a real “new beginning”. Ten years ago I had entrusted myself to a salon in Italy to make me apply the extensions, I was disappointed by the result because the locks were much “more static” than my hair. After almost 12 years I decided to try again but this time I did research and I relied on experts.

A Private Suite for your Hairstyle in the heart of New York

A salon or rather a private suite in the heart of New York that receives by appointment only, the owner Kaliopi, of Greek origin, has studied around the world and has specialized in this sector, I have entrusted her to the color, The Balayage new American technique that will leave you breathless. The result, a natural and luminous color that I had never had. The suite is located in the heart of Manhattan on the sixth, in the salon have all the shades possible for your hair tone and also any length you want. Obviously you have to book a little early because you will be the only customers of that day.

Luxury Suite Pr Extension

An exclusive service just for you where you will be cuddled and together with the owner you will choose the best look for your features. The hair is 100% natural of European origin and this is very important as most salons use hair of Indian origin that are many thicker than the European ones and for this they will not integrate perfectly with your hair. If you go from New York you can not make an appointment with the Luxury Pr Extension Suite.



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