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Kaliopi Matheakis was born in New York, the daughter of Greek parents who had immigrated to the USA. Her parents moved the family back to Greece to pursue a business opportunity when she was eight years old. She was educated on the Isle of Crete and took an interest in the arts. She eventually developed her own artistic niche that combined sculpture and art. Ms. Matheakis perfected a technique of knitting galvanized steel wire which she displayed against a canvas backdrop.

Throughout her secondary school education Kaliopi continued to pursue art. As an artistically inclined person she was naturally drawn to the creative pursuit of cosmetology. She left home to study cosmetology and hair styling in the European Fashion centers of Italy and Spain.


After a bad short hair cut from a colleague, Kaliopi Matheakis developed an interest in the art of hair extension applications. Her interests in hair extension applications deepened as she experienced its artistic possibilities. After practicing and mastering the craft of hair extension applications in the fashion centers of the world she returned to Greece. She took the plunge and opened her own hairstyling salon that featured her unique techniques of hair extension applications.

As she developed a reputation as a master of hair extension applications, she decided to bring her creativity back to New York. Today as a daughter, wife, mother, artist, hair extension master, instructor, mentor, and entrepreneur, Kaliopi continues to be a leader in expanding the techniques of the art of hair extension applications in high fashion and beauty.

She is the owner-operator of complementary hair extension businesses. Ms. Matheakis researched, developed, designed and continues to oversee a line of handcrafted, quality luxurious hair extensions under the brand, Kalia Hair Extensions. This top-of-the-line hair extension line is a featured selection at her Hair Extension Supply by Kalia, a source of quality hair extensions for professionals, hairstylists and salons.

Kaliopi keeps abreast of the latest trends in style color and customer demands as the owner-operator of PR/ PuRity Hair Extensions Salon where she also holds instructional courses on the art and craft of hair extension applications. She also operates a Private Luxury PR Hair Extension Suite in Manhattan at 1345 6th Ave A/B Building, 2nd Fl Suite 111. She offers personalized services as well as private instructional courses in Hair Extension Techniques and Applications at this location.

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