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Myths of Becoming a Hair Extension Specialist

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Myth # 1: A Hair Stylist is a Hair Extension Specialist

Just because somebody is an excellent hair stylist, does not mean that he can or knows how to apply hair extensions. This is also a tip for customers, unless they are certified, your hair stylist is NOT knowledgeable in applying hair extensions. Yes, it is true, hair is hair, but stylizing hair and applying hair extensions are not interchangeable crafts.

It is also important to get the right certification. Just for someone having a certification from an online couple or a two-hour seminar does not mean that the stylist has the knowledge to perform hair extension applications. Knowledge comes from professional instructors, many hours of course work, practice and dedication.

Myth # 2:More Profit in Hair Extensions:

Hair stylists want to add hair extensions to their list of services not because they are passionate about the craft but because they think it will dramatically increase the profits of their salon. Although the Hair Extension Session is more expensive than a typical hair styling salon visit, it does not necessarily translate into more profit.

When running the numbers here are facts to consider:

  • There is a cost involved in supplying quality hair extensions to the client.

  • A proper hair extension application is time consuming; this is a contributing factor to the price.

  • The average customer visits a hair styling salon seven to eight times a year and when satisfied become regular lifetime clients.

  • The average hair extension client visits for special occasions and visit three to four times a year. The majority of individuals seeking hair extensions are doing so because of a temporary situation. i.e., Repairing damage from a bad haircut, longer hair for a particular look, and damage from illness and disease.

This is not to minimize the trend of hair extensions for fashion looks and those who want them as part of their everyday style. Those clients do exist and when you gain a reputation as a mastered professional in hair extension applications you will gain a following. Regular satisfied clients will willingly recommend your services to family, friends, business associates and neighbors when it is evident that you are passionate about the craft.

Remember the higher cost of hair extensions does not reflect a higher profit. It reflects the prices of the products and the extra time you will spend with a hair extension client. A hair extension specialist can earn more than a hairstylist when it becomes their primary career. When juggled as an additional service by a hair stylist it may actually cut revenues. The typical hair stylist may be able to service three clients in the time it takes for one hair extension application. These are numbers that need to be considered when deciding to add hair extensions to the menu of a busy salon.

Becoming a specialist

If a hair stylist or a hair salon focuses on one service more and have it as their specialty, such as hair cutting or hair coloring, they can easily double or triple their price for that specialty. That doesn't mean they should ignore all other services and loose revenue on them. More than one service can be offered, however don’t sacrifice your specialty to offer more than can be provided comfortably and effectively.



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